Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands located 22 miles (35km) off the coast of east-central Africa. This beautiful spot is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and is a perfect escape from the world. Zanzibar is famous for many things: its turquoise-blue waters, white sandy beaches, and the near-deserted islands scattered all around.

The island’s capital, Stone Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a fine example of the Swahili coastal trading towns in East Africa. Its bustling bazaars will capture your imagination as you learn more about its rich multi-cultural history. Africans, Germans, Persians, British, Indians, and Arabs have all left their mark here.

After exploring the town, the island is your oyster. Head to one of the famous spice plantations, visit one of the island’s unique animal sanctuaries such as Cheetah’s Rock or Tortoise Sanctuary, then relax on one of the many sparkling beaches this amazing island has to offer.

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