Giant Kingfisher
Tawny Eagle in Serengeti National Park
Bateleur on flight in Tarangire National Park
Flamingoes in Lake Natron
African white backed vulture
Lesser masked in Tarangire National Park
Secretary bird in Serengeti National Park
Lilac breasted roller in Serengeti National Park
Golden Winged Sunbird

10 Days Birding Safari

DAY 1:


Arusha national park is an outstanding Tanzania birding safari destination, Boosting over 400 species of birds and most of those species have been recorded living in this park.
The park is nested on the foothills of Mount meru the most Africa’s beautiful volcanoes and fifth highest peak.

DAY 2:


Tarangire national park is in northern Tanzania just in South of lake manyara, Tarangire national park is well known for its large herds of Elephants and Annual migration of Elephants, The park is impressively splendid for concentration concentration of birds where Terrestrial birds, migrants birds,eagles, vultures, aquatic birds gathering in different places in Tarangire national park, Within the park 550 species have been recorded.

DAY 3:

Lake manyara national Park is one of the best national park in Tanzania, in which the park situated in rift valley region, Manyara national Park offers a wilderness experiences in diverse habitats, from its rift valley, soda lake, to dense woodland and steep mountain there is where flamingoes, aquatic birds, Terrestrial birds overlapping together within the park.

DAY 4:


The Ngorongoro conservation area is a vast an untouched protected area teeming with the densest wildlife populations on earth, Breathtaking landscape, mountains, world’s largest unbroken caldera, History of human evolution, and so much more, Around Ngorongoro conservation area many birds like flamingoes, ducks, plovers, storks, Kori-Bustard, Ostriches, and many birds have been seen. Ngorongoro is one among the good examples of flamingoes ecosystem where they travel from Embakai Crater to lake natron then back to Ngorongoro at lake makat on the base of Ngorongoro Crater’s blanket.

DAY 5:


Ndutu is an area within North-Western part of Ngorongoro area and south-East of serengeti national park, in which Ndutu is where the great wildebeest migration and wildebeest giving birth take place, in this area of Ndutu due to good performance of ecosystem many birds are surrounding this area where birds and near ungulate mammals depending on each other.

DAY 6:


The serengeti national park is well known for the large annual animal migration in the world of over 1.5 million of blue wildebeest and 250,000 of zebras along with smaller herds of Thomson gazelles and Elands. More than 500 birds species can be seen, Such as, Ostriches, eagles, vultures, buzzards, Goshawks, weavers, sparrows, kites,warblers, pipits, larks and many more birds.

DAY 7:


Western serengeti national park is corridor of serengeti and remote area of the park that stretches out to touch the large lake Victoria shared by Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, The region is dominated by two rivers which are Grumet rivers and Mbalageti river which all two rivers drain its water into lake Victoria,The river in turn have led to the creation of river lines forests in the west, But besides riverline forests you can find the basic landscape features of serengeti such as the plain, savanna woodland, and floodplains out here in west as well.

DAY 8:

Lake Natron is a salt or alkaline lake located in North of Ngorongoro District in Arusha region in Tanzania at the border between Tanzania and Kenya. It’s in the Gregory rift valley in which is the Eastern border of East African rift valley, It’s the only regular breeding area for Africa’s lesser flamingoes although this habitat is not protected and is under threat from planned development projects.

DAY 9:


Lake Eyasi is the largest body of water in Arusha region, It’s a seasonal shallow water on the floor of the great rift valley at the bases of serengeti national park and immediately south west of Ngorongoro Crater in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania. Many birds have been recorded here. Such as Great and lesser flamingoes, storks, pegion doves, wheatear, larks, eagles , vultures, buzzards, hawks, nightjahs, pipits, and weavers.

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Pelican in Arusha national Park
Flamingoes in Ngorongoro
Bateleur in Serengeti
Rufous tailed weaver in Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania
European roller in Arusha national park
Grey crowned crane in Serengeti National Park
Southern ground Hornbill
White browed robin chat