Wings Explorers Tours

Putting sustainability at the heart of what we do

Protect nature

Safari activities
We are the only company in Tanzania that offers travellers the opportunity to spend a few hours out of the vehicle on a short canoeing-, biking-, or walking safari. We take a few thousand guests on these safari activities every year. This way we get a lot of people in touch with the essence of Africa but also limit vehicles use and cut down on CO2. 

We offer  trekking safaris of multiple days (from 2-days to a whole week). Without these multiple days activities these guests would have been driving around in a safari car. Only a handful of companies are allowed to conduct walking and trekking safaris inside the Serengeti wilderness zones. Wings Explorers Tours is one of them, due to our eco-friendly well managed camps. 

Leading the way
Wings Explorers Tours does not only “go-green” we also make it possible for others to do the same. We initiated the stainless steel waterbottles for guests and are encouraging and supplying the industry with these bottles. This way we have prevented thousands of plastic bottles to reach the national parks. We are currently designing better decomposing toilets that need no water as well as rainwater collection from the canvas of tents. This will reduce the impact of camps and lodges who now take the groundwater, that animals need, for their accommodation.



"Capture the soul of nature with us "